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The San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition (SDRACC) is the voice of arts and culture supporters in San Diego. Founded in 1989 to advocate for stable funding by the City of San Diego, SDRACC has expanded to become the local partner of California Arts Advocates on state issues and Americans for the Arts on national issues. Artists, arts and culture organizations, arts funders, and patrons of the arts join SDRACC to add their voices to the chorus of support for government funding, sound policy, and an educated public to ensure San Diego benefits from a strong creative sector.

Since 1989, the Coalition has successfully:

  • Led the County’s diverse arts and culture community to speak with one unified and significant voice to advance the sector and quality of life in the region

  • Worked to increase public funding for San Diego County arts and culture organizations

  • Interviewed candidates seeking office for their views on issues of importance to the arts, educated them about these issues, and made the information available to voters

  • Vetted ballot propositions impacting the arts and the community, and helped educate voters to support or oppose issues

  • Hosted candidate forums for Council members, Mayor and Congressional candidates

  • Partnered with the City of San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture to research and publish an annual Economic and Community Impact of Arts and Culture report

  • Increased the San Diego Tourism Authority’s commitment to Cultural Tourism to promote San Diego County as a cultural destination

  • Supported ballot initiatives for arts education funding and school facilities, and endorsed efforts by local School Districts to enhance arts education programs.

  • Provided opportunities for San Diego's creative sector to convene, network and lay the groundwork for future collaborations

  • Developed and administered mutual aid funds for artists and other grant opportunities for cultural practitioners

  • Served as part of a statewide network of arts advocates 

Mission and Purpose

  • To advocate for appropriate funding levels for Arts and Culture to support new and ongoing projects throughout San Diego county

  • To advocate and promote the awareness and importance of arts and culture throughout San Diego.

  • To serve as an information resource entity to benefit individual artists, cultural practitioners, and nonprofit arts and culture organizations throughout San Diego County.

Educating the Public and Elected Officials

  • Annually co-publish the “San Diego Arts and Culture Economic and Community Impact Report

  • Organize public testimony at City Council and School Board Meetings

  • Guest Editorials regarding arts and culture in the San Diego Union-Tribune

  • Publish Arts and Culture Questionnaires submitted by candidates during elections

  • Host public forums for candidates to answer questions on arts and culture issues during elections

  • Host briefings to educate candidates on the role of arts and culture in San Diego


Founded in 1989 as a collaborative entity of member arts and culture organizations in San Diego County, the Coalition now encompass a broad regional membership of nearly 100 organizations.

With award-winning theaters, renowned museums, architecture and performing arts venues, one of the world’s great urban cultural parks, historic sites and missions, waterfront and other public art installations, numerous galleries and a multitude of other cultural offerings, San Diego is a truly diverse, world-class arts and culture destination. By advocating for arts and culture, the Coalition supports the continued flourishing of local arts and culture.

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