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Here is everything you need to know to help us spread the word to grow the Fund to support San Diego County's creative workforce.

About the Fund

The San Diego Arts + Culture Challenge Fund offers financial support to the individuals and organizations that make up San Diego County's creative workforce.  Undertaken as a collaborative effort to support San Diego’s creative sector, the Fund is being launched by a cohort of local leaders and advocates committed to the health and recovery of the sector, including The San Diego Foundation, Clare Rose Foundation, San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition, and the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture.  The aim of the fund is to help stabilize the creative sector and lessen financial losses that individuals and organizations experience during this crisis. 

These are challenging time for San Diego but also offers the opportunity to reinvigorate its creative future. The San Diego Foundation, a trusted community foundation advancing San Diego’s quality of life and increasing social impact, is administering the Fund in collaboration with the San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition.

This is what San Diego's creative workforce looks like.  Please help us keep our creatives at work through our Challenge Fund.

Steering Committee

Matt Carney – Co-Chair, San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition
Matt D’Arrigo – Director of Creative Youth Development, The Clare Rose Foundation
Alex Goodman - Secretary, North County Philanthropy Council
Jonathon Glus – Executive Director, City of San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture
Jill Hall –Artist, Author and Chair of The San Diego Foundation Creative Catalyst Program
Victoria Hamilton – President, Californians for the Arts
Lee Ann Kim - Founder, Pacific Arts Movement
Susanna Peredo Swap - Founder & Executive Director, Vanguard Culture
Toni Robin – Principal, TR/PR Public Relations & Marketing
Felicia Shaw - Interim Executive Director, Women’s Museum of California
Lynnette Tessitore - Co-Chair, San Diego Regional Arts & Culture Coalition
Alan Ziter – Past Co-Chair, San Diego Regional Arts & Culture Coalition